ACEC/ASCE Oregon Legislative Preview Dinner

Marshal Coba (left), Senator Brian Boquist (middle), Representative John Lively (right)

Marshal Coba (left), Senator Brian Boquist (middle), Representative John Lively (right)

On December 7, 2016, 50-60 professionals turned out at Henry’s on 12th to hear the latest on the legislative efforts for transportation funding from Marshal Coba, ACEC lobbyist, Representative John Lively (D, Springfield), and Senator Brian Boquist (R, Dallas). There is ample interest in doing something significant, the debate seems to be over how significant and how to pay for it. With the failure of Measure 97 and a state budget crisis, there will be other competing revenue measures coming out. Senator Boquist indicated they will be reaching out to the various groups and entities that are active in supporting, and in opposing, transportation measures to see how willing they are to support or oppose.

ACEC’s Legislative Committee, and membership, is very engaged this year and will be launching an opinion poll effort soon. They will be organizing a Day at the Capitol event in March.


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