December Spotlight – Younger Members Forum (YMF)


The Younger Members Forum (YMF) is a sub-group of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) whose focus is to aid younger members (those 35 years of age and younger) transition from engineering students to engineering professionals. To further their goal of helping younger members, YMF has continued to emphasize volunteering in the community, working with student members to bridge the gap between students and professionals, and providing members with professional development opportunities.

Events that YMF was proud to be a part of this year include volunteering with the Oregon Food Bank, volunteering at a Depave event, Meet a CE Day at University of Portland, the Welcome to the Profession event at Portland State University, the annual ski trip with the Seattle YMF, the annual foot golf tournament, and several happy hours.

In 2019, YMF has four key goals they would like to focus on. They are:

  1. Increase student involvement

  2. Connect the section with YMF and students

  3. Continue to grow YMF membership

  4. Continue to provide value to the ASCE membership

To help achieve these goals, YMF plans to have quarterly joint events with the Oregon Section and student members, have Welcome to the Profession events at four university locations, host  happy hour events, and have at least four professional development events.

Be sure to stay current with YMF news and events by subscribing to their newsletter and following them below:

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