ASCE Oregon Section Honors & Awards

This year’s Celebration of Life Members and Awardees was on June 19th. Please see below for our honorees!

This year's Engineer of...


Allison M. Pyrch, PE, GE is a geotechnical engineer with Hart Crowser, Inc. who has been practicing locally for over 15 years.

She has been an active member in the ASCE Oregon section since her time at Oregon State University. She has been on the section board since 2014 and has been leading the section’s resilience efforts since 2010 through her work with the Infrastructure Resilience Division.

She has been an outstanding advocate for public works, engineering, and infrastructure resilience on local, state, and national fronts as well as to the public. Since her debut as the organizer for the section’s 2014 Centennial Celebration, she has continued to serve the board with her energy and passion for civil engineering.


Christopher A. Knight, EI spent most of his childhood in Klamath Falls, Oregon where he built structures out of any block, brick, stick, or pile of mud he could find. 

Graduating from Klamath Union High School, he specialized in upper-level math and science and in playing the trombone. He then went on to study Civil Engineering at Oregon State University, splitting his free time between the marching band and the student chapter of ASCE.

Chris also helped paddle the concrete canoe to nationals and was a co-captain of the team the following year. Once graduated, he worked as a wedding photographer for a summer before taking a position at AKS Engineering and Forestry where he continues to work today. During the last four years, Chris has served as the Communications Chair of the ASCE Oregon YMF, was elected president elect, and is now the president of the YMF.

He has been very helpful as a photographer at ASCE section functions and has been great support to both YMF and the section.


Craig S. Dewey, PE, LEG retired in 2011 from a 25-year career at Western Federal Lands Highway Division of FHWA. In 25 years with the WFLHD, he worked in both geotechnical engineering and project management capacities on road improvement projects in the nation’s national parks and forests. Craig was a team member on 3 different FHWA National Highway Design Excellence Award Winning Projects. Craig joined ASCE in 1982 and has served on the board of the SW Washington Branch since 2013 and represents the SW Washington branch on the section board. He has been a tireless leader for the branch and has kept ASCE active in SW Washington during his time on the board.


Greg Diloreto.jpg

Greg E. DiLoreto, PE, PLS has been active in ASCE since the mid 1970s following graduation from Oregon State University with a BS in Civil Engineering. He also holds a master’s degree in public administration from Portland State. Highlights of his ASCE involvement include:

  • 1986-87 President of the Oregon Section
  • 1989-1990 Chair of the Pacific Northwest District Council (the forerunner to Region 8, which he helped create in 2005)
  • 2004-2006 District 12 Director on the ASCE Board of Direction
  • 2013 ASCE President, only the second person from the Oregon section to serve as president in the society’s 166-year history
  • He has served on 20 national ASCE professional activity committees and is the current chair of the ASCE Committee on America’s Infrastructure responsible for the Report Card
  • 1985 Outstanding Younger Member Oregon Section
  • 1986 Edmund Freidman Young Engineer Award
  • 1995 Outstanding Civil Engineer Oregon Section
  • 2004 Government Engineer of the Year Oregon Section
  • 2005 ASCE Government Civil Engineer of the Year
  • 2017 William H. Wisely American Civil Engineer Award
  • In 2003 he was inducted into the Oregon State University Academy of Distinguished Engineers.

Greg spent 30 years in the public sector as city engineer and public works director for the Oregon cities of Sandy, Newberg, and Gresham and retired 5 years ago after serving 14 years as the chief executive of the Tualatin Valley Water District.

the Year is Larry Magura.  Government Engineer of the Year is Tova Peltz and Young Engineer of the Year is Nick Hatch. 

We were honored to have ASCE President-Elect Kristina Swallow join us on this special occasion.  Ms. Swallow inducted the new officers. 

Brand new to the board this year is Jerald Ramsden as Treasurer and Courtney Davis as Oregon Section President-Elect.  Members and guests enjoyed a nice dinner in the private setting aboard the boat. 

David Sowers of WSDOT provided a special presentation on the high profile and impressive Alaskan Way Viaduct project. 

Adding to this was the unique ambiance as the boat plied the Willamette River on a perfect September evening and such great company of fellow ASCE devotees accompanied by their significant others.

Past Award Recipients

Engineer of the Year

2018    Allison M. Pyrch, PE, GE
2017    Larry Magura
2016    Gene Tupper, PE
2015    Mark Kennedy, PE
2014    Mark Libby, PE
2013    Jerry Palmer, PE
2012    Kent Yu, PE
2011    Christian Steinbrecher, PE
2010    Dr. Jeff Bradley, PE, D.WRE
2009    Bob Wright
2008    Bob Blakemore
2007    Scott Huff
2006    Rick Martin
2005    Wayne Huber, PhD, PE
2004    Edward Wortman
2003    H. Stanley Kelsay
2002    Franz Rad
2001    Ken Archibald
2000    Trevor Smith
1999    Bill Jabs

1998    Robert J. Schultz
1997    David D. Driscoll
1996    Philip Smith
1995    Greg E. DiLoreto
1994    Peter Klingeman
1993    Arlan H. Rippe
1992    Gary A. Parks
1991    Robert M. Bonney
1990    Harold Murray
1989    Harold “Hal” Pritchett
1988    Russell L. George
1987    W. Lee Schroeder
1986    Gordon W. Beecroft
1985    H. Chik Erzurumlu
1984    David J. Lewis
1983    Robert L. Norlander
1982    Bryon Jones
1981    No Award Given
1980    Holly A. Cornell
1979    C. Gary Peterson

Government Engineer of the year

2018    Craig S. Dewey, PE, LEG
2017    Tova Peltz
2016    Ken Archibald, PE
2015    Eric Destival, PE
2014    Tom Szymoniak, PE
2013    Tom Peterson, PE
2012    Dr. David Rogge, PhD
2011    Doug Tindall, PE
2010    Dr. Thomas Miller, PE
2009    No Award Given

2008    Browning, PhD, PE
2007    Mark Boguslawski
2006    Yumei Wang, PE
2005    Jim Duggan
2004    Greg E. DiLoreto
2003    Bruce Wilson
2002    Ken Roley
2001    Jim Doane
1999    Jerry Parmenter
1995    Gary A. Parks

young engineer of the year

2018    Christopher A. Knight, EI
2017    Nick Hatch
2016    Jason Magalen, PE
2015    Dan Shafar, PE
2014    Allison Pyrch, PE, GE
2013    Natalie Owen, PE
2012    Eric Destival, PE
2011    Scott Schlechter, PE, GE
2010    Blair Carlson, PE
2009    Melissa Moncada
2008    Javier Moncada
2007    Darren Hippenstiel
2006    Stacy Frost
2005    Joe Waln, EIT
2004    Tova Peltz
2003    Troy Hull
2002    Monica Krueger
2001    Kurt Krueger

2000    Van McKay
1999    Kathy Sugnet
1998    Neil Pietrok
1997    Julie Gibson Doty
1996    Elizabeth Moorhead
1994    Jay Holtze
1993    Kathy VanHecke
1992    Vicky Riker
1991    Carrie Pak
1990    Roger Millar
1989    Brian P. Kuepper
1988    Brian L. Ray
1987    Kathy Thomas
1986    John Creveling
1985    Greg E. DiLoreto
1984    Jory Abrams
1983    David P. Nicoli


2015    Evan Kristoff, PE
2014    Julie Kentosh, PE
2012    Charles Riley, PhD, PE
2011    Stuart Jantze
2008    Kurt Krueger, PE
2004    Allison Schaub
2003    Kristie Hartfeil, PE


2016    Raychel O’Hare
2007    Sharon Wood Wortman
1999    Gordon Oliver
1997    Peter Sleeth
1996    Bob Young
1994    Kevin L. Harden