March Spotlight - SEI Oregon 


Who are we? SEI Oregon is a small chapter with big ideas. Our mission is to advance and serve the structural engineering profession. 

  • We have over 25,000 members across the world

  • We sponsor 132 continuing education webinars

  • We have 16,000 members in Linked In Group

  • We have 124 SEI Fellows

  • We have 32 SEI chapters nationwide

  • We have 5 SEI graduate student chapters

  • We represent more than 1,000 technical committee members

  • Authored more than 28 SEI standards

  • We promote public safety and risk management

  • We advocate economic and sustainable use of resources

  • We encourage the use of innovative technologies

  • We help create inspiring structures

  • We are stewards of the built environment

  • We are considered national and international experts in structural engineering

  • We attract the best and brightest

Our members work in the design of bridges, buildings and other areas of critical infrastructure using steel, concrete, wood and composites.

Each year Oregon SEI sends 2 members to the SEI Leadership Conference, we will be sending 2 more in October this year.

Oregon SEI members have worked on the ASCE-7 16 standard for minimum design loads and have started on the 2022 development cycle.

In 2017, SEI Oregon sponsored a joint meeting with SEAO that featured T.R. Higgins lecturer Prof Todd Helwig, from The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Helwiggave his lecture on Effective Bracing of Flexural Members and Systems in Steel Buildings and Bridges.

SEI Oregon sponsored a similar joint meeting with SEAO in 2018 that featured Ron Hamburger. Ron served as chair of the 2016 ASCE 7 standards committee and currently serves as chair for the 2022 ASCE-7 committee. Ron gave his presentation on the future development of performance based design for seismic loads. 

This year, SEI Oregon was selected to host one of 4 SEI Standards lectures to be held April 9, 2019. This lecture will highlight the ASCE 7-16 Seismic Provisions and will be delivered by Greg Soules, P.E., S.E., one of the primary authors of this standard. The goals of the standards lecture is to increase SEI membership and participation at the local level, provide a direct path for continuing education on new SEI Standards, inform local members about the standard development process and future of performance-based codes, and promote opportunities to get involved in the SEI standards development process. 

If you are involved in the design, building and construction of infrastructure that includes roads, bridges, airports and rail, if you work with cast-in-place, prestressed and post tensioned concrete and steel, if you design bolted and welded connections and foundations, if you work in the area of power transmission, water engineering for dams, flood control, hydroelectric plants, water management and water environment, or if you are a graduate student interested in broadening your view of what it means to be a structural engineering professional and prepare for a successful transition from college to career,SEI is interested in recognizing your achievements, how you mobilize to tackle current issues and how you solve technical problems. We are also interested in connecting you with a diverse population of more than 20,000 like-minded engineers who are the leaders and innovators at the forefront of structural engineering. Finally, we would like to help you gain leadership experience by participating in SEI and national committees, including those that create industry standards.

SEI-OREGON is seeking members and leaders, with an interest in structural engineering, to engage in building a strong identity for the future of our profession. We need your help to define the future of structural engineering. Help us determine the expectations and role of the future for structural engineer licensing, education, international links, globalization and the future of structural codes and standards. Help us grow our community of practice by mentoring and promoting best practices to insure engineers maintain essential competencies and prepare them as future leaders. Help us honor the profession by teaching and mentoring others with a commitment to technical competency and engineering excellence. Join us in collaboration with other engineers and organizations to share knowledge, adapt innovation and turn ideas into solutions.

How can you join the SEI-Oregon Chapter?

Contact Tom North at: , 503-808-3836     

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