Infrastructure Report Card

Abstract: Oregon’s Infrastructure Gets a C-

After an extensive two-year effort, the Oregon Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), has completed its review of Oregon’s infrastructure. Contacting over 120 engineers, public works officials and industry experts, as well as extensively researching available data, ASCE has examined Oregon’s Infrastructure. Oregon gets a C-


Infrastructure Grades

Aviation – D
Bridges and Roads – C-
Dams and Levees – C
Drinking Water and Wastewater – D
Energy gets – C
Navigable Waterways – B-
Rail – C
Solid Waste – B
Transit – C-

Major Recommendations 

ASCE Oregon has eight major recommendations for Oregon including:

  1. Wringing the maximum efficiency out of the existing infrastructure corridors
  2. Promoting sustainable solutions for infrastructure rehabilitation
  3. Investing additional resources in research and development for more efficient rehabilitation methodologies
  4. Promoting land-use patterns and infrastructure that reduce per-capita use of infrastructure
  5. Increasing development of infrastructure management systems to prioritize lower cost rehabilitation over high cost replacement
  6. Exploring and developing innovative infrastructure funding and increasing leadership at all levels of government
  7. Increasing research in cost and schedule management to provide greater confidence in budgets and delivery dates
  8. Assessing infrastructure rehabilitation in a systematic approach.