Civil Engineer

As a Civil Engineer, you play a key role in the City's infrastructure. You have the opportunity to leave a positive mark on the community and to create something tangible as an example of your hard work and dedication. You make a difference in people's lives through problem solving, creativity, and drive in finding solutions to some age-old questions - like the best path for someone or something to move safely and efficiently from point A to point B. Wilsonville is still growing and still relatively new, which means we have many challenging projects underway and in the pipeline, ranging from roadway extensions, treatment plant expansions, natural resource restoration, utility rehabilitation and everything in between. Development review may not be an engineer's favorite part of the job. However, here you will cultivate that skill to create new neighborhoods and commercial and employment areas that have been thoughtfully and creatively master planned with forward thinking and with a complete and livable community in mind. There is a lot you can learn from our experienced and respected Community Development team, and the whole team works together to make Wilsonville a city that a new generation of enterprising families, citizens, growing companies and forward-thinking personalities, with an enlightened vision for the future, can call home. We are looking for collaborative, bold thinkers who look forward to investing energy into building a thriving community. Ideal candidates will demonstrate the ability to lead the design and construction of projects within budget and on schedule, while also ensuring the safety, efficiency, and maintainability of infrastructure. If you are someone who thinks differently, expects more, and doesn't want to settle for the status quo, Wilsonville is the place for you. This is not just another job, this is a place to expand your career. Sound interesting? Apply today!

Company/Location of Job: City of Wilsonville

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Salary: $70,865 - $95,642 annually