'Bridging Urban America' Event

Press Release – September 12, 2016

Portland, Oregon – Join us for the Portland premiere of an intriguing new documentary BRIDGING URBAN AMERICA – The Story of Ralph Modjeski – Thursday, October 6 at the vibrant Kennedy School Theatre, 5736 NE 33rd Avenue.

Penetrating the scientific mind and artistic soul of an impassioned immigrant, the film showcases the life and work of one of the most prolific bridge engineers of his era. It takes a deeper look at some of our most significant 20th century bridges still in service today and their impact on communities, commerce and culture.

Riveting narratives and awe-inspiring views of American cities, waterways and monolithic bridges spanning two eras of transit history. The melding of science + art, music and math and bonding between mother and son, Mother Nature + Man’s ability to challenge and transcend.

Featured stories include the controversial SF/Oakland Bay Bridge, the Huey P. Long Bridge with its New Orleans politics, Modjeski’s Ben Franklin masterpiece in Philadelphia and the catastrophe behind the construction and reconstruction of the Quebec Bridge, pivotal in engineering history as well as our local Broadway Bridge.

The event is free to the public, courtesy of McMenamins. Doors open at 6pm with a 7pm screening, followed by a Q&A with a panel of distinguished experts.

Movie reviews and published articles and upcoming screenings may be found on the film’s website  www.bridginguamericafilm.com. National broadcasts begin November 5, 2016. See your local PBS stations for airing dates and times.

This relevant film pays tribute to engineering leadership, sustainability and preservation during a time of crumbling infrastructure in the US. A cinematic experience that brings awareness to critical issues while informing, engaging and entertaining audiences on a journey across America.

Additionally, the screening offers a rare opportunity to meet the award-winning filmmakers and producers, Basia + Leonard Myszynski of sOlar eye communications, a California based production company.

Co-produced by Modjeski and Masters, Inc., National Steel Bridge Alliance, and US-Polish Trade Council in association with New York State Bridge Authority, Oregon Institute of Technology and local bridge enthusiasts + authors Sharon Wood Wortman and Ed Wortman.

Join us for this Portland premiere in the city of bridges, as we come together to shift perceptions that BRIDGES IN AMERICA MATTER.

For more information, please contact Basia Myszynski at bridginguamerica@solareye.biz or call 994 400 7193.