54th Annual Engineers Week High School Program and Popsicle Bridge Competition

The Oregon ASCE Younger Members Group is hosting our third annual Straw (drinking) Bridge Competition at the 2018 Oregon Engineers Week.  The competition consists of students teaming up in groups of 2 to 3 to construct a bridge using only drinking straws and scotch tape.  The bridges are set on wooden abutments that span the Willamette River (scaled down to 10 in.) and loaded with pennies in a cup until failure.  The bridges are judged based on performance, engineering, efficiency, and aesthetics.

The Oregon Section will also be hosting a table at the program where engineers will get the opportunity to interact with students as they wander around the exhibit hall. This is a great opportunity to talk with parents, teachers, and students about becoming an engineer. Afterwards, everyone will attend the dinner program to listen to the keynote speaker. This year Mauri Whalen, the Vice President of the Software Group and Director of the Core System Software at the Intel Corporation, will discuss her work open source technology and other computer science related topics.

E-Week Website: http://www.oregonengineersweek.org/schedule/