WRYMC Overview from ASCE YMF President Christopher Knight

Hey all Oregon YMFers your president here! I wanted to give everyone a quick recap on this year's Western Region Younger Member Counsel (WRYMC). This conference brings together all of the younger members from regions 8 and 9 (Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington) to share ideas, tips and tricks for improving our organizations for all of you. 

At the conference we have our yearly "business meeting" where we vote on where the conference will be in the years to come and multiple resolutions. This year we are requesting the board add a permanent position on the national board of directors for a younger member, currently a position like this does not exist. We are advocating that ASCE dues be restructured to allow for monthly payments or other payment plans. Also, we created a group to look into the economic effects of discounting government employees ASCE dues and there was some discussion around raising the official maximum age of YMF members from 35 to 40. The resolution to up the age did not pass. I voted on these resolutions at the meeting so please let us know if you have any concerns or comments and I can bring them to the region.

Of course we had a lot of fun as well, the conference was in Las Vegas (next year is in Hawaii!). We all stayed in beautiful hotels and spent the nights dancing around down town Las Vegas. There are technical tours every year and the most popular one this year was the Hoover dam but I went to see the high roller which is a real engineering marvel.

I hope to see more of you at next years conference! If you are interested in getting involved with YMF and hear more about WRYMC please contact us at Communications@asceor.org.

Chris Knight

Oregon YMF President