OSU participation at PNW Conference

ASCE President Nick Hossley and Executive Chair Hannah Helwig led 42 students from OSU ASCE to the Pacific Northwest Student Conference at OIT in Klamath Falls, competing against 19 other universities.

The highlight was OSU’s Concrete Canoe team, captained by Cadell Chand and Neamh Gaddi-Nguyen, placing 2nd overall and 1st in the oral presentation category. Unfortunately, high winds canceled the races. OSU is hoping for a Wild Card entry at Nationals in San Diego.

John Paul Morton did very well in the Technical Paper competition on Engineering Ethics and Social Media. OSU also competed in Orienteering and Bubble Ball soccer.

Finally, the Steel Bridge team, led by Bret Burch and Zach Blowers, designed and fabricated a very light, well-conceived bridge that unfortunately failed at a critical welded connection, thwarting a 5th consecutive run at nationals. Overall, the OSU contingent included many underclassmen who are now well-prepared to compete again next year at St Martin’s University.

Go Beavs!